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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where are you located?

We are located near the town of Anola, Manitoba.  From the Perimeter Highway and Dugald Road it takes 20 minutes to get here.  Please call or email for exact directions to Canine Country Club.

What are your hours of operation?


We operate by appointment only.  When we are open, our first available appointment for dropping off or picking up pets is 9AM.  Our last available appointment is 5:45PM. 

Do I bring my own food?

Yes.  Please bring more than enough food for the entire stay in a sealable container.
What proof of shots do you require?

Dog owners must show proof of rabies, distemper and parvo vaccinations.  ANY AND ALL vaccines must be given at least 14 days before a pet's arrival at CCC.  (Bordetella is optional, but, if given, must be administered at least 14 days before the pet's arrival at CCC.)  Proof should include what vaccination was given, when it was given and when it is next due.  Cats must be up to date in HCP Feline and feline leukemia and rabies vaccinations.   Proof of shots must accompany your pet each and every time they come.  Copies are not kept on file.   Any pets arriving without proper documentation will be refused entry and owners will be charged for the stay.

 Pets also must not go anywhere for at least 14 days before coming here, including the vet, groomer, day care, dog park etc.

How far in advance do I need to book?

As soon as you know the dates you need you should contact us.  Sometimes four months is not enough notice and sometimes 24 hours notice is plenty.  It all depends on availability.

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