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Doggie Diary


Oh Boy!  Mom and Dad have dropped me off for a weekend at Auntie Kate's!  The sign out front says Canine Country Club, but Mom and Dad always call it Auntie Kate's.  I sure got excited when our car turned down her road!   I love coming to Auntie Kate's!  She has a big field where I get to go running and a swimming pond- we don't have one of those at home!  I also get to play with lots of buddies and make new friends!  Auntie Kate gives me lots of cookies ( but not too many, she says too many treats would ruin my figure) and lots of belly rubs.  She says you can never have too many belly rubs-thank goodness for that!  Bye Mom and Dad!  I'm gonna have an awesome time!


YAWN!  Auntie Kate woke me up nice and early so I could go have a bathroom break and some playtime with my friends before breakfast.  Auntie Kate is a good cook.  Almost as good as my Mom.  My Mom left very specific instructions on how to make my breakfast and Auntie Kate got it exactly right.   She even remembered my vitamins.  I know Mom likes that Auntie Kate doesn't charge extra for giving me my pills.  After breakfast I rested for about an hour because Aunt Kate says I should rest after a meal.  If I were to play too hard after eating I could get something called 'bloat' and that doesn't sound very fun.  Auntie Kate is up on all kinds of doggie medical stuff.  Did you know I am not allowed to have grapes?  My Mom used to feed me grapes all the time!  I loved them but Auntie Kate says they could make me really sick.  She suggested my Mom give me dried cranberries instead and I love them too, so it worked out okay.   Oh, Auntie Kate is putting away the vacuum, she says we shed A LOT, but she doesn't mind.  Here she comes to walk us some more, then more play time before dinner and before bedtime!  This place is great!


Auntie Kate says Mom and Dad are here to pick me up!  The time flew by, like they just went to the store or something!  I better remind them to book for Christmas!  See you soon Auntie Kate!  -Rufus

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